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      Julie G

      Hi Gillian and everyone
      It’s wonderful reading your posts and the responses. I learn so much.
      I have started reading a book by Joan Rosenberg, who Gillian put in the resources. It’s very helpful I think. I can see that I have always tried to hide from my feelings. If I try to feel my feelings and cope with them, I think it will also contribute to the benefits of what I’m learning in this course, because overeating is one of the ways I use to not feel my feelings.

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      Thanks for this post, Julie.

      The author has a couple of TED talks on YouTube too and quite a few videos.

      I always like to see authors on YouTube whenever possible, to get a sense of the human being who wrote the words I’m reading.

      And speaking of which, now 336,708 views for mine!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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