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      Julia R

      I have disconnected for awhile. One of my last posts, I was stressed at the thought of taking on an elimination diet. This includes taking various foods out one’s diet, and then re-introducing one my one. I have successfully been eating no dairy, no gluten, no eggs, no foods in the “high histamine” category (tomato, vinegar, avocado, fermented foods). I have done this for 13 out of the 21 days suggested. I had a significant hearing loss in my left ear that was the result of an ear infection back in January. I wanted to give this a shot vs getting a hearing aid. My hearing has just now returned to normal! I still have ringing in my ear, but believe that could go away or lesson with time. When I re-introduce foods back in my diet I will likely determine which foods played a role in my hearing loss. And then make the choice to eat or not eat those foods.

      Please know, I have only stayed on course with this diet because of all of you. I instantly felt deprived at the thought and believed I would be rebelling and unable to succeed. Someone on the forum said they were taking something out of their diet and they reminded themselves of the health/medical benefits, the upside of doing so. I reminded myself of that statement over and over. My body does not feel in a state of inflammation eating this way. I do have an AD and my motto (from Julie): Allow it and move on and be glad later! I love this because it is so quick to read this sticky note on my lamp table. I often reach for it in the evening. I love being glad later!

      Again, I could never accomplish this kind of restriction if it wasn’t for this course. I want peace with food. But I also want my health. Reviewing my Motivation, Choice and embracing my Addictive Desire-that is it in a nutshell! So very grateful for all of you!

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      Julie Mann

      Way to go Julia! So glad you are feeling better. I will say that 17 years ago I went on a specific eating protocol for health reasons. I saw it fully as MY CHOICE, that I was doing it for health. And as a result, it was a very peaceful decision for me. Especially because I felt better within days. I’ve never looked back.

      And so glad that you are allowing the AD, embracing it and then are glad later. I love that for all of us!

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      jodi b

      So impressed with your progress Julia, and it is very encouraging to hear how well you have done with AD over the time you have been doing the elimination.

      Thank you so much for sharing.


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      Good luck Julia, it sounds as if the elimination technique my not only identify the problem but also deepen your understanding of motivation, choice and desire, which is a fantastic learning.

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