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      Hello dear ELO friends

      As I mentioned at the last webinar, I feel ready to go it alone with my eating now, so with some trepidation but lots of optimism, I won’t be joining the next course, though I do hope to be at this Sunday’s webinar.

      Since I made that decision, I have had two sudden crises in my personal life – but difficult as that is, nothing has changed in my eating. So I wanted to say to anyone reading this, that this technique is for LIFE, and no matter what life throws at you, your eating can be something in your life that is stable and reassuring, even after many years with a difficult relationship with food and addictive desire.

      Renee, Julia and Julie in particular, I want to thank you for all the encouragement and solidarity. To Gillian, my gratitude is pretty much bottomless, as she probably already knows.

      Good luck everyone in your journey. I never imagined at 60+I would ever be able to change my eating habits, but here I am, feeling healthier and better than I have for years. You can do it! Thank you Gillian.

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      Julie Mann

      Oh Louise we will miss you AND I’m so so so so proud of you!! And also, so inspired by you as I have been all along. I’m sorry about whatever has come up in your life, however, it’s FANTASTIC that this has had NO IMPACT on your eating. A true sign of how far you have come. Bravo and be well. xo

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      Louise! Im really happy for you. Really HAPPY. We will miss you here, I liked some of your posts and insights =)
      You give us strength and desire to continue working on solving this issue

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      Thank you Julie, thank you Guadalupe. I have appreciated your posts too, you have really helped me get to where I am with your questions and insights.

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      Julia R

      So proud of you Louise! And wish you the best going forward! The tools we have are so powerful! It is like changing from the inside out or getting to the core of our Motivation, Choice and Addictive Desire.

      I also am not joining the next course. I am so pleased with where I am at. I have learned so much this time around! Learning to relax about it all when I get off track. Learning about doing my best vs perfectionism. I have taken so many nuggets from all of you. When things were tough, the forum always inspired me and gave me so many techniques and support. And doing one on ones with Gillian was huge for me.

      May check in now and then to read the Forum, especially to re-read previous postings that we have shared.

      Stay well! You all will always have a special place in my heart!

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      Best wishes, Louise! It’s exciting to hear about your growth and change. I haven’t been active on the forum for awhile, but I appreciated your posts when I dipped in! 🙂 Take good care, Leslie

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      Julie Mann

      Julia and Louise – best wishes and thanks for all the mutual support!!! So proud of you both!

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      ‘Learning to relax about it all when I get off track’ – thanks for this, Julia! It’s one of my number one challenges. I’ll be doing the course again and it’s one of my #1 goals: becoming aware quickly after I’ve gone off-track (it feels like going unconscious sometimes) and resetting. No small feat! It’s wonderful you’re claiming your progress-well done!

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      Renée L

      Louise and Julia,

      I will miss you both!

      I have to be honest, at first I was surprised to hear that you both were leaving the course.

      But when I stopped to think about it, I realized that my goal is to also be in a place (mentally, physically, spiritually) where I can apply all I have learned and fly, all on my own, instead of looking to others for the answers. After all these years, I can still forget that I have all the answers I need inside myself.

      After thinking about where you both are in your journey, my mood shifted from surprise to inspiration; you both are inspirational to me and proof that, I too, one day soon, will feel confident to fly solo.

      As Gillian herself stated, the goal of the class is to develop confidence and independence, which is something I want for myself and all of you, too.

      I won’t say “good luck” because you won’t need luck from here on out, but I do wish you all the best as you navigate life with your newfound and precious skills.

      Take care and thank you for sharing your journey with us.


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      Julia R

      Thank you for your best wishes! Wanted to share, I first read Gillian’s books in 2014. I had difficulty putting them into practice and did some one on ones with her in 2014. Then in 2015, looking for that silver bullet, I did a program that involved hypnotism. I did that for a year, then found my way back to Gillian. I did a few one on ones again. Then in 2017 I believe is when she did her first webinar. I have done three total webinars and mixed a few one on ones in there too. I hope this does not discourage you or anyone to read how long I have worked on this. I have had forty years of addictive/overeating. And please know each one on one, each webinar, I made great strides in this journey. The forum this go round has been extra special! I think it is because there are several of us that have been on this journey for awhile and we could share at that level. That does not mean we have not learned from the newbies, because they contributed too!

      Like Louise, I had an emotional situation this week. It was in the evening and I noticed I was eating my “treat”, just swallowing, being unconscious, not enjoying. So I got present. I also wanted more, because of the state I was in, but I reminded myself that was an addictive desire and my body did not need anything. It is great to be in this place while going thru an emotional upset. Louise said it well in regards to the techniques we have learned and being able to apply in all situations.

      A statement that has helped me a lot: I am willing to do what is necessary…I sometimes finish it by saying “to be the weight/size my body wants to be”. I am not hooked on a number on the scale, I just want to where my body is at to be in a healthy place. When I first said this statement my reaction was one of a two year old having a tantrum saying but I want this (the items my husband brings into the home) or I want that (being able to pick whatever I want from the store shelves). However, I knew if I was going to take a stand, then I would simply do what was necessary. When I crave food my body does not need, I use this statement and it has helped me.

      I am glad you have been on this journey, I have had much value from your posts. Juggling it all with children, inspired me to take time to do this work.

      Gillian has created a master piece with her hard work and all her knowledge! So very grateful for her!

      Stay well and continue to enjoy your journey!

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      Julia R

      Sorry I signed the above post Julie, instead of Julia. My error.

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      Thank you Louise, such inspirational words – eating in your life can be stable and reassuring! After decades of overeating and yo-yo dieting, I look forward to a time when I can say that too. Take care and I wish you well in the future.

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