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      Emily H

      Today a friend commented on how much salt I was adding to my food and it prompted me to something Ive been meaning to do, which is check out the scientific evidence around salt being bad for health, to determine whether I might want to add less. Am particularly interested in table salt. I add this for for flavour to eggs and vegetables. Gillian, would appreciate your take on this as an initial look suggests there is some debate in the research.

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      Hi Emily,

      Different experts will all have different opinions.

      I rely on Chris Kresser for this sort of info, but that itself is a matter of my own opinion!

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      Ann C

      I also agree with Kresser’s take on this.

      Plus, if you are “eating less” of processed food, your intake of salt will decrease substantially.

      With my own home cooking, I salt to taste and don’t think twice about it.

      One of my brothers is an MD, here in the U.S. and his advice, which I have followed for years, is that if you don’t have high blood pressure, don’t worry about it!

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