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      Janet K

      Hi Gillian and Everyone

      A little bit of detail to enlarge on what I was trying to say last night 🙄

      In 2019, I read the Fast 800 book and low carb made a lot of sense. I mainly ate chicken/beef/fish and vegetables for 3 months and cut out potatoes, pasta, bread and rice.

      And it worked so well! I lost weight and felt very well. When I got very close to the weight I wanted to be, I relaxed the carb rules a little and very quickly (due no doubt to the fluctuating insulin levels) any time I ate carbs I craved them more and more. It was an exaggeration to say a scone finished me but, I just couldn’t deal with the carb cravings.

      It was after this “failure” that I discovered your books and eventually persuaded myself to sign up for your course. I feel that while I keep carbs “lowish” it has to be everything in moderation for me or I go into the deprivation/rebellion mindset.

      I hope this explains the situation a bit further. I would appreciate any insights you have.

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      Am I correct in assuming you are currently eating more carbs than you were during your low-carb eating in 2019 when you “lost weight and felt very well”? If so, then your current “everything in moderation” means eating more carbs than would be ideal for you. Yes? And you are doing that because if you don’t you go into a “deprivation/rebellion mindset”.

      Let me know if I have misunderstood.

      The main point for you to grasp is that your deprivation/rebellion mindset is just that: a mindset. You can engage with this course material (especially in Week 2 and Week 6) to free yourself from this mindset. Then you will be able to lower your carb intake without the negativity of feeling deprived and subsequent rebellion.

      Part of the solution for you is in your ownership of choice (lots about this in the course) and part of it is in not being rigid or abstinent, which is covered in Week 6.

      Let me know what you think 🙂

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        Janet K

        Thank you Gillian
        Yes, you’ve understood me. I have a long way still to travel I fear although maybe I’m on the right path. I’m glad I get to revisit the course very soon.
        Janet 😊

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      That’s great, Janet.

      You are in the right place and all set for the next course.

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