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      Hi Gillian and Everyone again !! 🙂
      As I have SIBO and lactose intolerance, detected last december. I have like a guide or diet plan to follow, that establish what to eat and what to do not. And that generates me more anxiety about food, about eating good or bad.
      Luckily I have learned to handle it thinking about motivation and choosing.
      And for example, I say to myself that Im not eating gluten or lactose not because I can´t and the diet plan say YOU CANT and YOU DONT HAVE TO EAT THAT, Im not eating gluten and lactose because it make me feel bad, really bad digestions, and I can eat it when I want.

      But that doesnt´t mean that I´ve stopped overeating. I know I´m eating healthier and I´m feeling better, with better digestions mostly of the times. But I also know that I have to do it better and that make me feel bad sometimes. I try to be compasive with myself, telling me that I´m in a learning process.
      My nutricionist, is an orthomolecular one, and luckily he doesn´t do the focus on weight.
      I don´t know if its kind of being rebel, that Im overeating healthier things?

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      Hello Guadalupe

      I think it sounds as if you have made progress in thinking about ‘forbidden’ foods, and you are now making a choice not to eat them sometimes, because they make you feel ill, not because you aren’t allowed to eat them.

      One thing I have learned is that the changes in eating happen quite organically. For example, for years now I have been trying to break my habit of always eating croissants for breakfast at the weekend. The croissants I buy are not very good quality even, but I always felt deprived if I didn’t have them on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

      Just recently, I have changed the time when eat breakfast in the week, and now I walk with my dogs first for a couple of hours and then I have a later cooked brunch, such as fish, eggs, and salad, or tofu and salad. I am really enjoying these cooked brunches, so much more than the cereal or toast I normally eat in the week, and they are much better for me.

      I’m enjoying them so much that this morning I didn’t go to buy croissants, because I really wanted my brunch instead. So although I didn’t make a decision’I will not eat croissants’ I have not eaten them today, and I feel as though that habit has a much weaker hold on me.

      I don’t think to helps to try and be perfect – I have found my eating habits are evolving because I am thinking through all the outcomes of my choices.

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      Yes, I agree that evolving is a good way to think about it. For a while, and in certain situations, choices to eat something healthier are going to work well.

      There may well come a time, though, when this has taken you so far, but not far enough. I think that’s why you’re asking this question, Guadalupe. Taking the next step – eating less of the healthy foods – will come down to your management of “addictive desire” which is what I’ll be speaking about in the webinar for Week 3 on Sunday (tomorrow).

      The first thing to see is that you have an addictive desire for the troublesome foods containing gluten and lactose, and you satisfy that desire with something else. The point is that you’ve also got the option not to satisfy it with anything at all. More to come!

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      Thanks Louise! This made me think: >> I don’t think to helps to try and be perfect – I have found my eating habits are evolving because I am thinking through all the outcomes of my choices. >>
      Thanks !

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      Thanks Gillian. Its a lot of information to improve and put in practice. And this black and white mind sometimes is hard to control, understand and deal with it 🤦🏻‍♀️

      Its practice, practice and do not judge ourselves. And remind myself that Im learning, I cant do it perfectly if Im incorporating information and learning about it …

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