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      Hi Gillian/everyone.

      For ease of recognition I am the lady from last night who is already low carbing and losing weight (very slowly) but still overeating. I have signed up for the course to tackle my defiant remnants of overeating and my self sabotage that generally happens when I see a loss on the scales. I weigh myself 2/3 times daily and find it so hard not to do so.
      I did stop weighing myself once for a year and put on a lot of weight in that year, and because of that experience I am always terrified that unless I keep an eye on things my weight will just shoot up again.
      Scales cause me anxiety – with or without them!
      So for this week I will try my hardest not to give into the call of the evil scale and really focus on other benefits other than my weight. Initially I couldn’t think of any other benefits, but I have now and I will bring them to my attention every time I feel the need to weigh myself.

      Have a great week everyone x
      Lesley x

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      Renée L


      Thank you for sharing this. It is so brave of you to be open and honest with us about your journey. I certainly have my own relationship with the scale…and let’s just say it was not a healthy one!

      Please keep us up to date on your progress.

      I have had great success in eliminating binge eating by using Gillian’s methods so am confident that her approach can be used to help us with whatever we would like to change.

      Renée from snowy, single digit temperature Illinois

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        Thank you so much Renee x

        Its pretty cold here in the UK too!

        Lesley x

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      I think that dodging the weight loss and using the scale is essential for the course to have an effect. Especially if we let that number prove our worth. That is, it is not only weighing yourself but it is judging yourself and giving yourself value for that number.

      This is my third lap of the course. I just stopped weighing myself a few months ago, about 4 months. And it is from there when I clicked on many things and was able to implement several of Gillian’s techniques, to the point of leaving aside the overeating many times. It is a long road, and a daily job. But it is not that you have to work so much to see results and changes. By this I mean that I did not do the course 100% perfect as I would have liked; so and everything I see results.

      It takes time to incorporate so much material. And I think the important thing is to rewatch the videos, or listen them. With daily work, I do not mean that you have to be sitting at the computer every day watching the videos and taking notes. Putting the videos in the car, to listen to them, or when going for a walk, also has an effect. Because it is to be reconnecting every day with the ideas of the course. And above all to detect where one is weakest and needs to learn to see it differently.

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        Thank you Guadalupe x

        This is good to read. I had done so well not venturing on the scale since Sunday. This morning I struggled not to get on them and I avoided a weigh in. But it plagued me all morning, only for me to succumb at lunchtime. I didn’t like what I saw so that has put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. I completely understand the non motivational weight loss theory now and it makes perfect sense, I just need to keep practicing and reinforcing that message. It’s odd that I can often leave the chocolate cake and ice cream now but the scales will not leave me alone!
        Thank you so much for your reply xx

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