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      Hello everybody/ dear Gillian,

      Although this is my second round of the course, it is the first time I write here.
      Just want to share how I am feeling after starting to observe small changes.
      In my case, this is a process in which I am working on different levels for almost one year and a half. Stress affects me deeply in the way I eat, and basically it has been a refuge when I am nervous, stress or sad and I also associate food with happy moments.
      I am aware that this process is basically changing my way of life, and it requires a lot of effort from my side.
      Some of the small changes that are happening are so good, that sometimes I feel scared:
      1. Take to my kid to buy an ice cream of our favourite flavour and don´t but one for me AND not feel deprived. Before, I got vértigo, but during she was enjoying her icecream and after it was SO liberating. It was my choice that day. I didn´t celebrate inside me at the beginning, but then I realized how important this is.
      2. I am starting to making my choices to eat, if necessarily different from my family, and it feels so good.
      3. Also, I am enjoying more some of the foods I really like because I am really hungry when I eat them (less snacking previously) This feeling is priceless. I want to put in into value because it was so unfrequent in me that I didn´t remember the feeling.

      Looking forward for the next sessions 🙂

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      Wonderful to read this, Ana.

      Although it all looks like not-so-small changes to me 🙂

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      Lisa C

      Thank you Ana for the sharing about observing small changes.

      Gillian, and others who read, I just began the course this past week, and though still very new at this, I will celebrate and say I have observed:
      – I have had 2 mornings where I have woken up feeling ‘light’ and not bloated.
      – I have had 2 nights where I had my evening meal and didn’t eat anything else, and didn’t feel there was a battle inside myself to stop myself having more.
      – Just generally feeling ‘easier’ around food. This one is massive for my headspace.

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      Lisa & Gillian,

      I was now re-hearing the “motivation-the solution” video and it come to my head one non-weight benefit that you just mentioned Lisa, and it makes a huge different for me: more headspace for other things. This change everything because I feel I can do other things that I was not allowed to do until now because my life was entirely around food, and bingeing and dieting over and over again…

      So for me, definitely headspace is a great non-weight motivation. In my case, it has been taking some time to get there but it worths it so much.

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