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      This time around I feel a more considered, cautious approach would be better for me. Since starting this course in Oct I have not had any overwhelming desires and binges, but I have had to work through my desire a little sometimes. Using the phrase “this is just for NOW – and I can change my mind another time”, has really helped. I haven’t really eaten between meals either, maybe the odd piece of fruit.

      I’ve put myself in social situations where food has been the main focus and made my plan (and stuck to it). I have also reflected on my eating and become aware of how I could eat better in similar future situations. Making mistakes, but learning from them.

      All this has happened, while still drinking wine, eating cake, pizza and chocolate. But it’s been a LOT less than I normally would have eaten, so I feel proud of my efforts so far. I will keep going as I am for now, then maybe later I will look at reducing my portions sizes and improving the quality of food.

      I like this pace for myself and I am gaining a greater sense of control, calm and acceptance.

      Obviously I am not being perfect and never will be, but improving my mindset in session 5 has influenced my positive feelings around eating and overeating. My head seems to be in a great place, although I haven’t noticed any physical changes yet.

      from your list of Non-weight Benefits I can list the ones I feel fit with me
      Feeling in control, integrity, self respect, feel empowered, more calm, pride, less shame.

      I am choosing to not look at your nutrition pages yet, until I get a hang of everything else first.

      Does all this make sense? I don’t feel like I’m in Compliance, but what do you think? Am I taking things too slow?
      I would be interested in anyone’s forum thoughts.

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      That sounds great, Sian. I was feeling similarly to you until the weekend. I do believe that we can turn this around fairly quickly once we really grasp what Gillian is teaching us… well done!

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      Thanks Nicola. I can see others streaking ahead and just wanted to share my slow, but confident, journey.

      I’m really work with the “just for now” concept AND allowing myself to eat what I like when I feel it’s appropriate. It’s about overeating less often not about never overeating again.

      Thanks again for your support and encouragement.


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      I read your post, Sian, again today and it really does sound great, as Nicola said.

      I don’t see “others streaking ahead” and firmly believe each one of us has our own unique journey to create. How would anyone be able to say if you are taking things too slow?

      My suggestion for you is this: every time you think you need reassurance about how you are with your eating, turn that around and ask yourself if things are how you really want them to be. Maybe you’re not sure, but that’s the value of trial-and-error: “if I try eating x instead of yyy, or if I eat nothing instead of x – will I feel any benefit?”

      I’m not sure it’s a matter of going fast or slow, it’s about developing that curious relationship with food, continuing to learn from your mistakes (which you are doing) and continuing to try out different strategies in terms of quantity, quality and frequency of the food you eat.

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