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      Hi Gillian
      In the motivation lesson, you shared to aim to eat less to lower inflammation, increase metabolic flexibility and improve insulin sensitivity.
      I feel confused about how to go about doing this.
      There are so many messages out there about the “right way”.
      How do you go about finding a source that can be trusted?
      Your thoughts are appreciated.

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      Surely the most reliable source is your own body, which is why it’s so helpful to develop a mindset around food based on “How will I feel after I’ve eaten this?” How you feel might be right after, the next day, or even longer, but you’d be looking for sustained energy, maybe improved mood and alertness, for example.

      Having said that, it’s useful to learn from those who study these things, and I do have a resources section at the end of the course – in the Extras section – with links to those I trust. It’s there at the end because I firmly believe it’s important to grasp how to make changes (especially those that may be challenging) before getting into too much detail about what to change.

      How have I developed trust in these sources? Like any kind of relationship, it takes time, but these three factors do become increasingly significant as we age.

      And the controversy tends to be in the details, as the broad brushstrokes are fairly well established, with the usual suspects being ultra-processed carbs in manufactured foods.

      Thanks for your question; I hope this is helpful.

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