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      Brittany Weiler

      When I am in my “all-or-none” thinking and am overeating because I’ve “messed up,” I feel bad because I feel like I’ve already failed by reinforcing the cue/desire relationship. If I stop half-way through (for example, sometimes I pause to consider if I want to continue to eat but fear “it’s too late so just keep going until I’m done”), does that help to break up the pathway connection? I am hoping it does and that it’s not already reinforced too much. Hope that makes sense! Just want reassurance to know that stopping in the middle of a binge really does make a difference despite my initial decision to satisfy my addictive. desire.

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      Hi Brittany
      I’m sure its a great move in the right direction.
      You’re making it a much more conscious event for sure.
      baby steps right?

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      Yes, Brittany, you are making a great move in the right direction when you stop in the middle of a binge and work through your desire. The ultimate aim for all of us is to develop that skill of managing desire – that’s IT – so any time you do that is wonderful and powerful.

      Be careful, though, if you find yourself using this information to support starting a binge in the first place (“Gillian said it’s okay because I can always deal with the desire half-way through”). The addictive mindset is always there, watching out for any excuse it can find, and that’s a good one!

      And, finally, the addictive desire is NEVER “reinforced too much” – so you can let that idea go!

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