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      Hi, Gillian.

      This is Jeanette. I read your book “Eating Less” four years ago. I thought it was great but didn’t put it into practice. I am now taking your course for the first time, and Week 2 was very informative, helpful, and ground-breaking for me – especially the lake example. I am trying to start thinking about what you’ve taught, but of course, I’m just in the beginning stages. I was wondering if you could provide some help… How do you think about, or handle, when you’re getting ready for a meal and you’re thinking about choice and motivation, and you think you’re on track, but then during the meal you get stressed – because of outside influences/other people – and then want to eat everything or eat more than planned? (I did notice this time that I was thinking more and I had a conversation with myself, but I did eat more than I was going to – but maybe less than I would have? I was ok with my choice to do that, though, before and after eating more, but how do I stop it/deal with it/choose not to eat more, in the future under these stressful, unplanned, in-the-moment circumstances?) Thank you.

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      This will be covered in Week 4 – but will also need your understanding of Week 3, which becomes available today.

      Very good news that you found Week 2 ground-breaking – I had thought it would be for you.

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