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      Sophia G.

      Hi All,

      I am re-watching the last Webinar, and just to say that someone mentioned listening to a book (‘Hooked’, by Michael Moss?) exposing the food industry and what they deliberately do to you and me just to save money etc, and how useful she is finding it.

      Gillian then mentioned another, similar, book: ‘Swallow This: Serving Up the Food Industry’s Darkest Secrets’ by Joanna Blythman.

      I just want to say how extremely useful I found it when I read ‘Swallow This’ a few weeks ago, and to encourage my fellow course students to do the same, or with similar exposés.

      When I read and realised how absolutely terrible some/most of the processed food is, and the nasty tricks they do to just pass on really awful stuff to us, really it genuinely actually really does put you off eating those lovely tempting things.

      Really it does – quite apart from all the techniques we are learning on this course.

      And when you are in the moment of Choice and thinking through the consequences, remembering the various ways it is poisonous helps a lot, and you have very specific facts in your head, not just a general thought of it being bad.

      It is so helpful, so I’d really like to encourage folk, especially if you are really struggling a hell of a lot (as most of us are, a lot of the time) to read a book like that or some good info online.

      It is an easy way to help ourself.

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      Thanks, Sophia! It’s good to have comments from someone who’s read the book and found it helpful. I’ll search it out!

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      Sophia G.

      Hi Caroline, Yes it is good. She gets a lot of info in, but keeps it read-able, and clear. Lots of detail about labelling scams and how they get away with stuff that gets used in ‘processing’ so they haven’t got to put it on the label. Etc. I knew the food industry was bad, but I didn’t realise how bad !

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      Cyndi B.

      I haven’t read this book but read one on the topic called Salt, Sugar, Fat a fews years ago. One thing that’s stayed with me (along with disillusionment and anger), is something the author said, (roughly like)-

      Food manufacturers could take your coffee table, grind it up, mold the saw-dust into bars, add their flavorings (salt, sugar, fat, chemicals).. and you’d eat it up, love it and want more.” ☹️

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      Good tip Sophie, thank you. Sticking two fingers up at the food industry is one of my non-weight motivations!

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      Sophia G.

      Ha ha. Gr8 motivation Louise! 🙂

      Yes, Cyndi, I bet that’s right, sadly. I did hear that cinnamon powder is often flavoured sawdust?? – so there’s a precedent 🙁
      But small steps! We’re busy escaping! First us lot, tomorrow the world..

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      Maggie C

      I agree so much with Sophie. I have just finished “Swallow This”. I thought I knew quite a lot about processed foods and what to avoid but wow! I have been reading some labels in my fridge and cupboards and there are definitely things I won’t buy again. I have an organic veg box each week and they supply some really good other products – like spices. I occasionally buy these in the supermarket – but not any more!

      I hate to feel hoodwinked and used – and this has really made me feel differently about processed foods. With good knowledge about what are in foods, it makes it easier to choose good options. I can eat those foods but do I really want to ingest all those chemicals? I may eat them again, but not today.

      Am passing it on to a friend!

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      Sophia G.

      Maggie – 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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