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      Georgia H

      Hi Gillian and everyone,
      I feel like I had a breakthrough Sunday night after the last webinar. After Gillian agreed that fear could be turning off my prefrontal cortex (the free-choice part of my brain), I spent some time sitting with the fear of eating myself into an early grave, and releasing it using an inner healing technique I had learned. Tuesday I went back to work, which is where there are multiple cues and opportunities for addictive eating, and it’s where a good portion of my overeating/bingeing has occurred. I used the plan technique, and also used mealtime as an opportunity to practice self compassion, and to write out the MP3 recording. I definitely felt addictive desire, but I was ready for it, recognized it, and accepted it. It was amazing how quickly it subsided.
      I worked again yesterday, and it’s almost scary how easy it was to stay with my plan. I don’t think I’m in compliance because I’m still not eating perfectly, but the huge “unmanageable” cravings that overwhelmed me and made me feel powerless have shrunk to little fleeting thoughts that are easily recognized and addressed.
      It feels surreal, and I wonder when I’ll have to fight the monster again!

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      Excellent, Georgia, and you are by no means the first person to say it feels surreal when it works so well.

      I think there are a number of intwined fears. Fear of the addictive desire because it seems to make you overeat. Fear of free choice because of lack of trust in oneself. Fear of failure in this and all other methods. Fear of success as a general fear of something that is unknown. And as you say, fear of the long term consequences of overeating.

      Fear always blocks our path forward. I’d be interested in the inner healing technique if it’s something you can share or direct us to a resource.

      Thank you. Yes, the monster might be back, but there’s no doubt you have turned a corner here.

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      Georgia H

      Here are the 2 inner healing modalities I have studied:

      Internal Family Systems with Richard Schwartz


      And a faith-based program called The Immanuel Approach with Karl Lehman


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