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      Hi Gillian,
      I have been following the course for a few weeks and am now trying to start putting the method into practice.

      I understand the theory of choice and I agree with it. Like most I don’t “feel” it yet but I understand I have to secure the belief first and the feelings will follow.

      However, I am struggling with compliance. As a long-term yo-yo dieter I slip into compliance easily and then rebel later. I am concerned that I am going to slip into compliance again.

      To combat this would it be a good idea for me to fill my house with the sorts of foods I would normally be tempted by and also make food I would be tempted by (not eating either though) as a way of trying to bring on the addictive desire or would this be a bad idea?!

      Thanks, Esther.

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      I really like the way you’re thinking here – good question. However, there are some tricky things about breaking out of compliance and if you wait for the material in Week 6 you’ll get a much better idea of how to proceed.

      The videos with the Week 6 content will become available to you on Sunday, so just a few days to go. Then, I usually improve the presentations for the latest webinar – and that will be November 29th.

      It’s good, though, that you are aware of the potential for a compliance trap. Much more to come on this.

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      Thanks so much for coming back to me so quickly!

      Great, I look forward to learning more! :o)

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