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      sarah c

      Hi Gillian
      Just a note to say that I feel so calm around food now – this must be what a ‘normal’ eater feels!
      I am working through desire when it arises and it’s getting a little easier each time. Everytime it rears it’s ugly (!) head I remind myself that I want to be in control. This is my mantra for the moment.
      My weight is stable (I do weigh weekly) and will probably reduce too but the main difference is I seem to have is incredible energy at the moment! I’m up with the lark and getting so much more done. It’s an amazing revelation.
      All best wishes

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      Thank you, Sarah, and you are most welcome.

      It’s good to see posts about the non-weight benefits as there are others here who still haven’t made enough of a change in what they eat to see for themselves.

      There’s nothing to compare with that revelation when you see it in your own life and body.

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