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      Hello friends,

      I found a great clip on the BBC explaining what happens in the brain when we see or even just imagine addictive food- very much as is covered on the course.

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      I found what the video says about labels and logos influencing choice interesting.

      For example, when I was in the supermarket yesterday, I was strongly drawn to items with a yellow ‘reduced’ sticker (I love a bargain). This not only made some of the addictive food more attractive to me – it also gave me a justification for buying it and eating it later.

      I’m glad to say that on this occasion, I worked through my addictive desire, rather as you did Renee – looking at the items, knowing I can buy them and eat them whenever I want, and also being aware that choosing to do that has negative consequences, in this case probably making me sleepy in the afternoon, and then unable to sleep at night. So they stayed on the shelf this time (which is an even better bargain than buying them 😃!)

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      Love the video clip, and reminded especially of the power of words, which is so easy to forget. The food label “rich and delicious” made the food taste better than identical soup without those words.

      Would be good to see a study about writing “FORBIDDEN” on a food package, although prohibited food has been researched and always found to be preferred over identical but not forbidden items.

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