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      Sophia G.

      Hi All,

      I went on Amazon UK to look at ‘The Doctor’s Kitchen’ by Dr Rupy Aujla, which is one of Gillian’s recommended nutrition books in the ‘Reads and Views’ section under ‘Extras’.

      I happen to have Amazon Prime membership (an annual paid sub with Amazon UK which gives free delivery and other perks.)

      And when I looked at the book, Amazon then informed me I could have it as long as I wanted for free, as apparently it’s one of the books they let me ‘borrow’ as long as I want under my Prime benefits, which apparently lets me have any 10 of their loan books at any one time. (I hadn’t known this existed – but it does, and is called ‘prime reading’.)

      So I said Ok – and now it’s in my ‘library’ under ‘prime reading’ for as long as I want. In kindle form.

      So if you have Prime membership, which many people have, I don’t see why it won’t let you do the same.

      Free book! Hooray. And it looks really good.

      If you’re not in the UK, I don’t know, but I would think it’s definitely worth having a look at your country’s version of Amazon especially if you’ve signed up for a subscription similar to my ‘Prime’ membership.

      I’ve bought the other books she suggested, btw. Including two I got a bit cheaper from Amazon Marketplace.
      I reckon the dosh I’m gonna save on sweet treats will soon pay for them !!

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      Thanks for letting everyone know about this, Sophia.

      Enjoy your books.

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      I’ve been enjoying some of the recipes from the Drs Kitchen. His BBC series is good – thrifty, fast and healthy food – and the videos make it easy to follow the recipes.
      Thank you for the info about Prime. I’ll take a look.

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      I had this book from the library last year when I was on the course – did quite a few of the recipes and enjoyed them.

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      Jasper G.

      You can listen to his podcasts for free.

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