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      Julie Mann

      Hi all,

      Gillian, are you familiar with Gretchen Rubin’s work, in particular on the Four Tendencies?

      According to her framework, I’m an upholder. I’ve heard you say often that you are a rebel. I ask because I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of choice and I’m wondering if you’ve ever noticed a pattern where rebels and questioners really embrace choice, and upholders and obligers have more trouble with it?

      She also talks about people being abstainers or moderators. I’m very much an abstainer, I find it quite easy and gives me a lot of comfort. My daughter who leans more towards a rebel/questioner, does really well with moderation and would NEVER consider abstinence. Same with my mom.

      Wondering if others have any thoughts/feelings on this?

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      Julie, I’ve heard of Gretchen Rubin but don’t know anything at all about her work.

      So I’m not able to make any contribution here.

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      I have heard about this book a few times! Maybe a sign to pick it up soon!

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