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      Sophia G.

      Hi Gang,

      I just want to share with you, that when I’m in the grip of a large or smaller addictive desire and making my choice, I find it really helpful to remember that THIS is my opportunity to change, THIS moment and THIS temptation is IN ITSELF the healing time when I can make new pathways involving eating less, differently.

      The desire is, itself, the right time, the way to choose a good different outcome and so heal.

      Remembering this is for me an important tool from the toolbox. It’s brilliant. I’m so grateful for it.

      Plus another big tool for me is knowing that as I react differently to the cues, it will lose its grip as well.

      It’s been great to re-learn that that’s the way my brain works. There are major ways that my brain can work for me (rather than against me as I accidentally let it in the past). I can harness these tools and really it makes it a lot easier, gives me a big edge.

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      This is so helpful Sophia. Thank you so much for sharing.

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      Bev G

      Thank you Sophia, that’s a very helpful reminder of that part of the process.

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