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      Gillian, your approach all makes a lot of sense and it is working for me. Since the webinars ended, I have worked through a long stage of compliance, which I found difficult and frustrating. I have found ‘choice’ hard to realise. This is much harder than stopping smoking (which I did with Gillian’s book) because stopping smoking is an all-or-nothing. I am finding that judging how I feel after eating addictively is helpful the next time I want to eat addictively. The mindset webinar has been absolutely crucial for me, and so helpful.

      However, having said that, I find it difficult to eat (which I have to do to stay alive) without over-eating, by which I mean the wrong sort of food, and sometimes in the wrong quantities. My question is, will my taste preferences change if I just keep eating healthier food for long enough? Although I am genuinely eating less (in the sense that I have largely stopped eating sweet sugary snacks in between or instead of meals -hurrah!), for my meals I am still eating addictive (i.e. ultra-processed) food quite often. Although I have got some nice recipe books from the library (and I am a good cook), I don’t find healthy food desirable. For example, I make coleslaw (healthy) but I don’t want to eat it unless it is smothered in mayonnaise!

      I am looking forward to the follow-up and hope you can help with my question.

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      Thanks for this amazing question, Louise. Yes, it will be best for me to address in the Q&A webinar. I personally identify with what you say, also finding that a lot of healthy food is not desirable.

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