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      Hi Gillian :-),

      i really like the idea of trying to get a plan into my day but i think i kind of did not get it right because i feel a rebellious voice inside me coming up. So i got it as a kind of meal-prep (which kind of denies my freedom of choice to decide in that moment if i need more or not), or is it like deciding few minutes before i start my meal that i make a plan how much i wanna eat for this meal in that moment ?

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      Elena, the way to use the technique of the “Plan” is to decide a minute or so before you start your meal; you’re making a Plan for how much you want to eat for that meal at that time.

      Keep in mind, “How will I feel after I’ve finished this?” and engage with the feeling of addictive desire when you get to the end of your Plan, noticing the sensations and declaring your freedom of choice about that you’re doing.

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      Thank you so much!!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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