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      Renée L

      Hi Gillian…and everyone!

      First of all, I cannot thank you enough for this amazing course that you have put together, as well as your beautifully written books. As many here have stated, I have been searching for “a solution” for my lifetime, and as I have had success losing weight and maintaining a lower weight for many years, what has NOT changed is my “crazy brain” and destructive behaviors around food that drive me to overeat and binge. However, I now know what to do about my Addictive Desire and how to apply your three themes in my life. And so I will continue to practice! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

      My question relates to Plans more so than Times…

      What are your thoughts about meal planning? I’m the primary shopper and cooker in the house, so it really is up to me to buy the food, plan the meals, and cook the food. I typically have a rough sketch of what we will eat during the week, which is helpful as a guide. I can and do make substitutions when we need flexibility, but my real question is about a “daily plan”. I have (for about the past year) been using a planner to make a 24 Hour Plan, which was to plan out food choices for the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc). While part of me likes doing this (it makes me feel safe), I have started to question this technique…am I using my plan like rules? Am I locking myself in jail by committing to what I will eat for dinner when I make my plan in the morning? As a side note, I probably would be eating the same choices regardless of whether I wrote it down or not (I eat clean and low carb and seldom feel deprived; my areas of growth are to have the intention to not binge, learn how to manage my Addictive Desire around dessert, like eating a portion when I want to eat the whole thing, and generally overeating my evening meal even though it is “healthy food”).

      I’ve thought about what you might say to my question and I suppose you might ask if I am creating “rules” with this plan…and I can answer for myself that if I am not managing my AD it doesn’t matter what I put on my plan because it is not the act of writing the plan that helps me honor my choices.

      At any rate, I’d like to know what you thought and if you had any feedback on this! Any thoughts? Feedback?

      Thanks again for everything!

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      I’ve been thinking about this, Renee, but still not sure if I have a good answer for you, and it might be that this is something for you to figure out, especially whether any part of your food planning is having a prohibitive influence.

      It may help you to be clear about your intention when planning your meals for the day: is it a practical and necessary part of organising the family food or is it an attempt to control your overeating? And alongside this, it may help you to think in terms of “plans” with a small “p” as being different to “Plans” with a large “P” – the latter being the technique I describe to help you to identify and manage your addictive desire.

      You say, for example, that you overeat at your evening meal, even though it’s “healthy food”. So you plan what you’re going to be buying, preparing and cooking for the family – and just before you begin to start eating, you make your Plan to eat less than you would have done with the intention of working through addictive desire at the end of that meal.

      I hope this helps.

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      Renée L

      Yes, very helpful!

      Thank you.

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