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      Julia R

      You mentioned tinnitus and it’s relationship/cause with certain foods. Is it an individual thing in regards to what causes you to have this condition vs. someone else? I have this and I am interested in knowing what foods cause this condition. Have you seen anything in the literature? Any input?

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      I’m no expert on this subject, but when my tinnitus began (around 2005) I saw a specialist doctor who told me it’s from an inflammation of the inner ear, usually associated with or caused by some loss of hearing.

      From my reading about nutrition and health, I understand the food we eat has an inflammatory or anti-inflammatory effect – on every cell of our body.

      So, it makes sense to me that eating foods that contribute to this systemic inflammation can have an impact on any part of our body that is prone to becoming more inflamed, including the inner ear.

      I certainly find that the volume of my tinnitus is higher for a few days following eating more inflammatory foods. For more on this, see “Your food and your health” in the Extras section at the bottom of the course dashboard.

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      lara w

      It’s wonderful to find a thread on tinnitus! Thank you! I’ve had it for many years, with the same diagnosis as Gillian. I, too, find that when I eat inflammatory foods, drink alcohol, or do anything inflammatory (I have an substance addiction Gillian’s method is helping me with), my tinnitus is much louder for the few days following. And when I pay attention to not doing or ingesting anything inflammatory, it’s quieter. I also can feel the difference in my joints (arthritis). One more thing: meditation helps too. Keeping calm and not anxious or agitated in any way. So, I’ve been implementing that into my morning routine, too, though this one is hard for me. I’m 67 years old, and I have to say that it really is hard to teach an old dog new tricks! But it can be done, and I’m determined to be living proof!

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      Julia R

      Gillian and Lara,
      Thanks for this info. I never made the connection between inflammation and my ears ringing. Will check out the Extras.

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