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      Barbara R

      Hi Gillian. Thank you for another wonderful webinar on Sunday. I just need some reassurance I am on the right track.

      When I make the choice not to indulge in an addictive desire (eat), it can be both physically and mentally painful. My stomach gnaws and my thoughts begin to race. If I wait it out and breath through it, what I call my “Phantom Hunger” does miraculously subside. But the desire often returns after 20 minutes and I must start all over again.

      After reading Ditching Diet about 8 months ago, I was highly motivated. I rose to the challenge learned to breath through “Phantom Hunger”. I lost 39 pounds without dieting and lowered my A1C from 6.4 to 5.7. It was thrilling!

      But since the pandemic I am home alone a lot of the time. It feels like waiting for my Phantom Hunger to subside is just too hard. I gained back some weight. I could not find my way back to being motivated.

      Taking this Webinar has helped immensely. I am still overeating, but I challenge myself daily to make “doable” changes. I take teeny tiny changes that don’t set off intolerable pain and anxiety. For instance, instead of eating a bagel everyday, I have a bagel every other day. I know this routine of making tiny little advances ultimately works because it is how I accomplished so much before. 3 steps up, 2 steps back.

      It helps to actually visualize that I am creating new neurological pathways from my lower brain to the frontal cortex. Acknowledging my Phantom Hunger instead of running from it has made all the difference. But sometimes it is really hard.

      As always, thank you for all your help!!

      Barbara Ann R. (as there is another Barb R on the forum!!!)

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      Barb R

      Barbara, I’m also a Barbara Ann R.!

      How cool that you’ve had such success after reading the book. It must be challenging to keep dealing with the “phantom hunger” coming back. I’ve certainly experienced that at times.

      I love the visualizing of the new neurological pathways!


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      Barbara R, yes it certainly does sound like you are on the right path, especially (as you say) you are recreating your success from reading my book.

      For those who have been indoctrinated in diet thinking (all of us really, whether or not we actually did it) it can be very strange to see success or progress in terms of managing desire instead of amounts of food not consumed. So one bagel every other day is tiny – BUT your desire processing skills are what matter.

      If someone wants to swim across an ocean, they’d begin by doing laps, up and down, in a pool. That doesn’t move them towards their big goal as they are no further across the ocean, but clearly the laps are part of the whole process. Looks like this is what you are doing. Watch out for non-weight motivation to keep you there!

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