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      Julie Mann

      1. Eat and leave the meal feeling a bit empty. Take smaller portions, still an amount that counts as a meal, and then expect the addictive voice to say you haven’t had enough. And remember that it takes 10-20 minutes for fullness to arise. And during that time, the addictive voice will scream at you for me. And you accept it and allow it because over time it will quiet down. YES! I’m finding this is happening for me.
      2. Aversion! Yes, I’ve experienced this. At dinner I would eat and eat until I could’t eat anymore and felt unwell (or binged until sick). And then I’d promise myself I’d never eat again, lol, had no interest in food for a long time. However, it never lasts. Eventually I get hungry again, have interest in food, and forgot all about that aversion. Fascinating!

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