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      Hi ELOers

      I’ve posted links before to the BBC World Service programme The Food Chain, and this is a particularly good one, about UPF, with Brazilian research very much backing up some of the material Gillian has shared with us.

      What was fascinating to me is that in a randomised controlled trial, where people were given exactly the same nutritional content in terms of fat, carbs, protein etc, those people who received it in processed form over-ate. The researchers suggest that not only may processed food be addictive (I think we all know that from experience!), but that people over eat it precisely because of its low nutritional content, and they are attempting to get the nutrition their body needs.

      It’s interesting too that they looked at over-eating, not just weight gain.

      Highly recommended, and here’s the link.


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      This is great, Louise. Thanks for the link.

      There was a documentary on BBC1 yesterday, “What Are We Feeding Our Kids?” that was very much about the same thing – I’m sure on iPlayer for all of us in UK.

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        Oooh, thanks Gillian. That’s on my list to watch now.

        Another interesting point on the BBC programme is they talked about the homogeneity of diet across the world, because so much ‘food’ intake comes from big multinationals (KFC in the desert and all that), so that, increasingly, it is difficult to compare say ‘the Japanese diet’ and ‘the Italian diet’ because they are essentially the same.

        It said that 80% of Australians’ food intake is ultra processed, which is terrifying. In Brazil, their dietary guidelines now say ‘avoid consumption of ultra-processed products’ – in which they include supposedly ‘healthy’ cereals, bottled sauces, tinned soup etc – the first country in the world to categorise foodstuffs by the amount of processing they have undergone, rather than nutritional content, which can easily appear ‘healthy’ on the label. More here:


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      Ann C

      `Louise, the Guardian article is WONDERFUL! Thanks for posting!

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