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      Hello Everyone – especially if you’ve just joined us for the course starting October 2020.

      Here are my suggestions about using this forum, based on seeing what works best in previous courses:

      – Post comments and questions about the course content, especially the topics we cover as we go through these six weeks. What are you discovering? Or, where are you stuck?

      – By all means ask questions, and include my name if you want a reply from me. If you don’t include my name, that indicates you want to hear from others on the course.

      – Please don’t think that any one topic (thread) belongs to the person who opened it. The forum is for everyone, even if you never post in it. It’s best to read it all, and make a post if you have something to add or ask. Or, create a new topic yourself.

      – It can help you enormously to delete anything in your post that’s self-critical such as, “I’m hopeless” or “I’m a failure”, just to help to ease up on the negativity. “I don’t understand…” is fine. “Sorry for being an idiot, but I don’t understand…” could do with an edit.

      – To add a post:

      To post a reply, type in the box at the bottom of each page. When you post on an existing thread (like this one) you’ll post your reply inside that thread, as a reply to that topic. If you check the little box at the bottom, “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” you’ll know when there’s a response.

      To start a new topic/thread, click on “ELO Forum” at the top – not the larger heading, but right under it, in blue. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, looking for Create a New Topic. Give it a Topic Title and check the box at the bottom, “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” so you’ll know when there’s a response for you.

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