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      Judith K

      Hello Gillian,

      I was reviewing the screen shots I have made of your slides while attending or listening to the webinars. There was one week when you talked about the PFC and the limbic part of the brain as they relate to addictive desire.

      I was able to take a screen shot of a slide that says: Two Ways to Create a More Acceptable Experience and my next screen shot says: 2. Weaken the desire by desensitization through repeated exposure. Somehow I missed the slide before that one.

      What is #1 and do you recall which week that was discussed? (I’m guessing you do).

      I’ve listened to a couple of the webinars more than once but I haven’t come to that one yet.

      Meanwhile, I am on vacation and after doing the exercise you recommended (thinking about how I’ll feel after getting back home, etc.) I cannot believe what a different experience I’m having. Am I eating perfectly? Oh no. But am I eating so much better and less than I have EVER eaten on vacation in the past? Yes indeed, thanks to your techniques. I can’t believe it…after decades of dieting, promising i wouldn’t eat this or that on vacation This time, etc.

      I thank you for the vacation suggestion and all of the techniques you’ve given us. I have a long ways to go and I’ve made significant progress. I’m so grateful to you and your work.

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      The video you are looking for is at 3.4 on the dashboard, and the slide refers to creating and strengthening connections between the limbic area and PFC.

      I guess making screenshots for your own use is reasonable, but I have found that people do get carried away with reproducing this course with no recognition of copyright, not to mention the time and effort it’s taken me to put together. There are Terms and Conditions on the site which include the standard, “No part of this product may be reproduced in any form…”

      I’m thinking that if I don’t say this, any recording or reproduction is okay with me, which it isn’t.

      Good to hear your vacation eating has gone well.

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      Judith K

      Sorry, Gillian, I didn’t even think of that. I was using them to refer to and review when needed. What I’ll do is type out/make notes and delete the screen shots. And I will absolutely not share them with anyone for sure.

      Thanks for the info on which webinar.

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      Not a huge problem, Judith, more of a reminder for anyone else reading this.

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