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      Sophia G.

      Hi Gillian,
      I wonder if you could comment please about choice in respect to being vegetarian. Or vegan. I’m veggie and I don’t feel deprived at all about that. I’m also an ‘aspiring’ vegan ie I’m not vegan but I’d love to be in the future when I can be more organised, and sometimes I have vegan food.

      But being vegetarian is absolute for me (and has been for years) whereas vegan is only occasional.

      I do feel deprived about some vegan stuff, mainly missing dairy milk in drinks. But the milk’s not a big issue, tho it is a stumbling block in my intention to go vegan at some future date. And a lot of vegan stuff eg soya yogurt tastes horrid to me. So I think there will be less choice on the shop shelves, a much smaller selection for me.

      None of this has effected my eating and my overeating either way, I think. But I’m concerned in case it may become problematic later, especially with going vegan.

      For me, It’s all for ethical reasons, ie cruelty-free, ( although health benefits and ecological benefits are great side benefits.)

      I really think it doesn’t make me feel at all deprived being veggie.
      And when I go vegan/more vegan, I think I’ll happily enough pay the price of giving up dairy milk in my coffee – tho it is a wrench at the moment.

      Could you advise or comment please?
      Thanks very much, Sophia.

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      I’d recommend that you move into any changes at all (no matter what they are) with a strong emphasis on freely making choices that suit you in some way AND keeping your options open in the future.

      In other words, instead of thinking, “that’s it – no more dairy for me now” you think, “let’s give this no-dairy a try and if I don’t like it I can always go back to it”.

      So you keep your options wide open for the future. There’s also the issue of any desire for dairy, which is the Week 3 content – coming soon!

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        Sophia G.

        Fab. Thanks a lot, Gillian. Keeping my options open in the future – Will remember that.

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