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      Renée L

      Hello Everyone,

      Sending a warm welcome to everyone, especially the new members. Looking forward to experiencing this journey with you all as this course unfolds.

      I’ve been working with Gillian’s methods and enrolled in her course for over a year now and have found the peace, calm and control (but not “diet control”, real, lasting and empowered control) around food that I had been searching for, and knew that no diet plan could offer. I wanted concrete tools to help me work through the intense desires for food that would drive me to binge even though I knew intellectually that those behaviors were unhealthy. In essence, I wanted to know what to do in the moments that mattered most around unhealthy food behaviors, and Gillian offers those tools to us.

      We are all starting from our own unique places, and our issues and progress will be individual to us. My journey with Gillian’s methods did not provide a magical quick fix for me. I stumbled often. It felt hard. I wanted to look outside myself for the answers. Sometimes I did, but I always returned to try again and it got easier. I built on those successes and moved forward.

      It is true that some things changed quickly for me, and somethings did not. Gillian is asking us to think about food and our bodies from a very different perspective. For me, this took some time to reorient my mindset and question old beliefs. It has been an interesting journey to say the least!

      I’m back…or rather I haven’t left because of the calm, sane path forward Gillian’s materials offer. This is all so very different from other tools available. I hope I don’t sound preachy, but after a year of membership in ELO, I feel I have earned my spot to state the following:

      Be gentle with yourself
      Ask for help if you are struggling
      Give yourself time to absorb the material
      Take advantage of all of the resources
      Actively practice the methods she teaches if you want to see real, lasting changes in the behaviors that you want to change

      Looking forward to meeting you all!

      Renée from Illinois (with a house under construction…we have a lot of dust and 2 x 4 stairs…eek!)

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      Maria M

      Thank you,Renee L!

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      Lulu W

      Thank you Renee. I really appreciate your insights and encouragement.

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