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      Renée L

      Good Morning Everyone!

      I wanted to take a minute to welcome all the newcomers to the course. Welcome!

      I joined in May and am repeating the course for the second time.

      It goes without saying that everyone will have a different journey here as we are all unique and trying to find a balance that makes sense for us.

      Finding Gillian’s course, and applying her methods and techniques have made a world of difference for me and my relationship with food, my body and self.

      Now, instead of being swept away and feeling controlled by unhealthy behaviors around food (and unable to stop myself from the torturous cycle of overeating, food compulsions, bingeing, restricting, and self hatred when I engaged in those behaviors), I have developed the ability to live alongside these old messages and pause in the moment, so that I can truly choose my next course of action.

      Pausing (something I was never able to sustain or experience peacefully) allows me to have a completely different conversation with myself, one where I feel in control, and can determine the outcome I desire.

      This did not happen immediately for me. I had to practice Gillian’s techniques and I did stumble quite a bit. But I made it a priority to apply Gillian’s techniques to my relationship with food, especially during the times when it mattered most.

      This course has allowed me to make changes gradually. Once I got the hang of it (pausing, allowing the discomfort, cue exposure and not acting on it, listening to her MP3 on Desire…all of this will come later in the course), I now know that what I am experiencing is very normal, and that I don’t have to fear these thoughts and feelings, because they really are the key to healing.

      I now have a skill set that I can use anytime that I choose. I have transformed from a weekly binger to someone who has balance. I have not binged or overeaten to the point of uncomfortable fullness since July. To me, that is miraculous!

      It is possible to change old behaviors and transform your relationship with food.

      Even if you have doubts, hang in there! I’m so happy that I did.

      Looking forward to getting to know you all through upcoming Webinars and the Forum.

      With love from Illinois (it snowed here yesterday!),


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      Julie Mann

      Renee just so wonderful to read about your growth, super inspiring!

      I second her welcome to all the newcomers!

      I too have had such success with Gillian’s program (after several rounds for extra reinforcement).

      I’ve gone from binging way more than once/week to never even thinking about it. I haven’t binged since the end of February and I haven’t overeaten since a tiny blip in early September. I feel complete self trust. I wake up full of energy and vitality and am reaping all the non scale benefits Gillian encourages us to savor.

      It’s quite amazing to have my life back!

      I’m excited for you all,


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      Hi Renee, Julie

      Thanks for your inspirational and encouraging words. I am excited to be on this journey and so I can’t wait to escape my self made prison.


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      Welcome to all the necomers! I joined in May too, and Im doing it for a second round also.
      There is too much information to incorporate, and everytime that you listen again to any webinar or short video, you learn something new.

      I think that its important to do the write exercises, and also to take selfnotes. Because sometimes we really judge ourselves a lot by thinking that we are at the same point as always, we dont see how much we have advanced, and having those notes are a reminder to see how far we´ve come. And that it doesn´t matter how much road there is still to go in recovery, but what matters is that we are already on this path

      Greetings from an Argentine living in Costa Brava, Spain

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      Hi Renee, Julie and Guadalupe – thank you for sharing your stories! I also started the course in May but had a difficult summer and wasn’t able to apply the techniques like I was hoping. This is my second time, and I’m looking forward to better applying the techniques and principles so I can become the healthy person I want to be!

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      Barb R

      I love these inspirational sharings. I’m new here. I read Gillian’s books twice, and after the second recent read, I started applying the information, and have been really amazed at how helpful it’s been these past two months. I’m here hoping to get more inspiration and reinforcement of these new habits. I love reading everyone’s stories. Thanks for sharing!

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      Bev G

      Thank you for starting this thread, Renée, and thanks to Julie, Judith, guadalupe, Kylene, Barb R for your thoughts.

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      I too echo a big welcome to the newcomers. I joined in May and followed the course. I’m so pleased to hear how many of you have progressed with your food relationship. I wish I was one of them. I applied the tools and felt I’d understood but I soon lapsed and returned to compliance mode and rebelling. I’m so grateful to Gillian that I have the chance to do this course again. I’m playing catch up right now but having experienced my lapse it has helped me to really look at everything again. Trust the process! One thing I will say that has been a big obstacle for me is the scales. I keep letting them dictate to me how to feel. I’m working on letting them go. My aim is to not weigh at all eventually unless I have to for medical reasons.
      Best wishes to you all with your journey.

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      If you can write anything down about your struggle with the scales, I would be very interested. By grasping the problem, maybe I can open up an improved solution. Either post here or email to me – any time.

      If I remember correctly, though, your biggest obstacle was finding your sense of free choice. Did that ever click into place for you? I thought that the current Replay for Week 4 was the best presentation on choice I ever did, so maybe check that out.

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      Thank you Gillian for your reply.
      I will look at 1.6 and week 4 course work. I will in time send you an email. It might be easier than posting in here to begin with to give you a better understanding. But yes the scales are my nemesis… I let them dictate how to feel/eat/act basically they dominate my life! Certainly something I am going to work on and uncover and peel back the layers to find out why I let the scales rule my life!

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