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      I didn’t answer the question about IF very well and have now had time to find some info:


      This is fairly brief at 16 mins, I do think Mark knows what he’s talking about, and he covers a lot of good content. He’s promoting his latest book – Two Meals A Day – which has mixed and not great reviews just because it’s the same old stuff for most of his fans.

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      Louisa R

      Thanks Gillian!

      I have been doing IF and this a great talk that confirms the reasons why it helps. It makes sense. Also stuff I didn’t know (it actually helps repair brain cells -I think that’s what he’s saying?) Will listen to it again

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      Ann C

      Good morning Gillian! I am so glad you posted this. I have been deeply steeped in the low carb high fat/ keto community in the last few years. As Mark stated, constantly being in a state of ketosis is, according to the experts, the absolute best way to be. Being fat adapted and having your body burn fat versus carbohydrates is the end all be all.

      I know originally you had stated that you thought the keto diet meant going in and out of ketosis but in reality the goal is to remain in a constant state of ketosis.

      And I do believe that this way of thinking is what got me into this horrible All or Nothing mentality. I have counted calories carbs and macros over the last few years. I would totally get this sense of ” well I blew it and now it will take me at least a week to get back into ketosis so I might as well just finish out the week eating carbs”

      Although I do believe that eating a lower carb diet is a truly healthy way to eat, I also believe that all of my research and following of people in the keto community on Instagram and Facebook has kind of screwed me up.

      So hearing Mark reply to Joe Rogan’s question of ” ok, what does a person who eats generally healthy but does imbibe in a little pasta , a little bread do to achieve this fat adapted state?”made me feel like I CAN do this. ( Basically IF is the answer)

      I fast daily for between 17 and 18 hours. It is MUCH easier to do this while eating a very low carb higher fat diet.

      I am tweaking my diet now to be not SO strict. To find that healthy lower carb lifestyle.

      Keto means 20 carbs or less per day. It also means cutting out almost all fruit and many higher starch vegetables. No bread, no potatoes…ever. That is not doable for me in the long term. I can do that about 75-80% of the time, but the thought of never having a piece of really good bread every once in awhile, just is not realistic for me. So hearing you say perfection is NOT our goal gives me hope for my future.

      I was the one who asked about counting calories. These last few days I have not looked at a package or added up numbers in my head. I am starting from square one, lesson one. I have printed out the list of non weight motivations to keep me focused. I have put my scale in the basement. I can’t wait to see where this takes me.

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      Ann C

      I am eating watermelon, cantaloupe, cherries, oranges, grapes,corn the cob and legumes again. ( In moderation) and I feel so good. Tons of leafy greens along with moderate amounts of beef, chicken, pork, cheese and sour cream.

      And when we eat out ( maybe twice a month) I eat what I want. Not all of it, but enough to satisfy me. I am not agonizing about
      ” staying keto”

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      “As Mark stated, constantly being in a state of ketosis is, according to the experts, the absolute best way to be.”
      I’m not sure about that as it would certainly depend on what expert you were following. Being fat adapted – metabolically flexible – is the key feature, as I understand it, and that does not depend on being in constant ketosis.

      And let’s keep in mind that each one of us is unique, has different needs and motivations behind the changes we make in what we eat.

      Really good to read that you’ve been able to move away from the calorie counting and the scales. I look forward to hearing how it goes for you.

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      Ann C

      It certainly DOES matter which expert you follow! Mark seems to have more of the ” attitude” that I can relate to….wish I would have read more from him, earlier.
      This article states what you are eluding to, Gillian. Fantastic information. Gives me hope that my low carb lifestyle followed 80-90% of the time, will allow for a healthier,flexible more sane, ME!


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      Sophia G.

      I do IF most days for about 14 – 16 hours, before my Brunch. My shift work makes that tricky sometimes. In time, when I feel I can avoid the diet mentality around it, I’ll try doing 36 hours. I have to be careful as that diet mentality kicked in really quick when I tried a few weeks ago. So I’m gonna be cautious. But it will happen eventually !

      Also, I know loads of people rave about LCHF, and actually I would like to rave about it too. But as Gillian said above, we are all unique with different needs ..

      Personally I’m veggie and I’ve realised that going LC would be tricky for me. It would mean putting a whole lot of effort into planning meals, cooking, taking it to work, a lot of hassle really.

      And I’m now getting more relaxed around food, thanks to this course. So the last thing I want to do is get into a whole new trip around food/eating..

      So when I retire next year I’ll probably look at going Veggie Low Carb, but not yet. Actuslly I was going to go Vegan, but think it would be a full time job being Vegan LC so that probably won’t happen.

      Years ago I did the Atkins which was great (till I fell off the wagon, of course) and I felt great and healthy etc. But I was never happy about the large percentages of meat..

      So we do all have our different stuff going on.

      But I do try to keep my carbs low rather than high when I have the choice – and Yes it feels real good and healthy, suits my body very well. 🙂

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