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      Melisa G

      I’ve just started your ourse, and I am also doing a diet. As I was watching the lessons about choice, I’ve realised that I am denying myself, so I feel anxious and deprived all the time. I know that you’ve suggested that we should assert our freedom of choice but, what if I choose all the time to overeat even if I know the consequences, at that moment I am not choosing freely because I continue with my addictive behavior. I feel restrited doing a diet but if I don’t go to the nutritionist every week I feel like I Will overeat even more. I don’t know if I’ve explained myself.

      Thank you for your support.

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      The purpose of the Week 2 content is to explain how to eat less (maybe following this diet you’re on or something like it) without feeling like you are denying yourself, or feeling restricted, anxious and deprived. That would be ideal, yes?

      The way you achieve this is to recognise your freedom of choice in the matter, and know that you don’t have to overeat in order to prove that you are free to overeat.

      You might want to continue to see the nutritionist for a while longer, but I suggest you don’t try to explain what you’re learning here – at least for now.

      This prohibitive mindset can be a big thing to change, so I suggest you review all of the content in Week 2, studying it like you’re at college, making notes for yourself, and doing the 2.1 and 2.2 exercises as well. All of this will bring you to a deeper understanding of this issue.

      And, there’s more to come later in the course. Do you think in terms of “all-or-none”? So that if you take one bite off your diet, you’ll eat everything in sight for ever? This is another aspect to address.

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      Karen M

      This weeks theme of Choice has really hit home. I’m ok at acknowledging if something I eat will make me feel low or sluggish but I still eat it. I can now see the difference is actively choosing how I want to feel, own the choice & the outcome, It will take time but I can feel a change beginning. I am now pausing fleetingly & asking ‘how will this make me feel’ doesn’t always stop me but if I do choose something that makes me feel bad I’m reminding myself I chose to feel that way as opposed to berating myself and saying it serves me right. Baby steps.

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      Eve K

      Hello Gillian

      Motivation is clear but although I worked through choice also very throughly I struggle with not trusting myself around food still.eating less is working for me kind of but that’s why I seem not to believe be it and tend to double check( count calories) portion out or estimate….

      I would love to be free from that and how can I work more on trusting myself?

      Also times and plans helped for the binges but now I seem to take it too far and makeing it a “compliance” thing.(like eating only the times I set).not in between because that’s not in the time.

      I hope my question makes sense.

      Thank you 🙏

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      Trusting yourself will no doubt come later, after you’ve been working with this for a while. I know you’ve been reading my book and have done some 1-to-1s with me, but I hear many people say they don’t really “get it” until they’ve done this course. So hang in here for a bit?

      I understand why you ask about Times and Plans but it would be best to address that when we get to it in the course. Partly because we are working together as a group and partly because there are details in the videos in Week 4 that I’d want you to see, not to mention all the content in Week 3.

      By the way, I noticed in the “Exploring” section in Week 2 that you seem to think it’s a good idea not to eat any fat. Is that correct? I’ve not heard anyone say that before.

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      Eve K

      Hi Gillian
      Yes that’s part of my false believe with the fat because I have lost a lot of weight effortlessly last year without overt fats.
      But I know it’s my mindset wayyyy more than the food.

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