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      Cyndi B.

      As I was walking home from just having a really good dinner out last night- I felt a “hunger pang” (the exact madness that led me here.) After a few moments of familiar and panicky thoughts, I then thought “Ooh, I’m feeling an addictive desire to over eat!” Influenced by the mp3, I must add the ooh exclamation, just as Gillian does, and I say it in my head just like her; it makes me smile.. and the lightness is very welcome in the tense moment.
      I also especially love the last thirty seconds of the mp3-
      like, how it begins with a “Yes…” and ends with “It’s how I eat less.” I just couldn’t say it any better in my own words, so I’ve hand written out most of the last thirty seconds of the audio for myself to easily read in a moment of addictive desire, and thought I’d share her words written out here.

      “Yes, I’d rather feel this than go on over eating for the rest of my life… it’s the way I take control. It’s the way I break-free. It’s the way I eat less.

      I will miss the webinar tomorrow.. but look forward to what Gillian will spring on us in week four. I’m still a little dizzy from the teachings in week three about addictive desire, totally unveiling the masquerade of my “hunger pangs” to over eat.

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      • This topic was modified 4 months ago by Cyndi B..
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      That’s great, Cyndi B!

      And I hope you’ve seen my ebook on hunger and fullness, especially the amazing studies on page 4, showing that hunger comes from the expectation of eating.

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      Cyndi B.

      Gillian~ The short ebook is fabulous. During the free trial, I distinctly remember deciding to pull the trigger and sign up for the course after finishing page 11.. and I’ve reread it in whole a couple of times since.
      I’m in awe at the quality of this course.

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