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      Hi Gillian, everyone,
      I haven’t yet managed to listen to week 4 webinar, will do so later today.
      So, I thought I was doing ok with facing addictive desire, but then yesterday I was extremely tired due to losing sleep with kitten problems , but it could have been anything, losing sleep is the main thing.
      I drank a little more wine than normal and then I completely lost any ability to face my desire, I just gave into my addictive desire and ate whatever, all the things I had craved previously.
      I’m wondering wether this is often a result of being over tired, or drinking alcohol, that it makes us less conscious so less able to see or face addictive desire?
      After I just felt like all my ‘progress’ was dimisnished. That I had reversed any ‘good’ that I had done.
      I wonder if I was being compliant before and wether I had really faced my addictive desire? All the old thoughts returned, I can’t do this, I always mess it up, definitely not being kind to myself.
      I didn’t drink that much but the combo with loss of sleep left me in a space where I just gave into my desire.
      Is it possible to be that tired, or to drink alcohol and face addictive desire?

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      Lou M

      Hi Carla

      I relate to this totally. I have always been a bit alcohol sensitive….. so ,If I have more than 1 glass of wine in the evening , I usually loose the plot!
      I am beginning to realise that if I face my addictive desire with wine ( just as if its food) , it may help me remain focussed.
      If I give up wine all together, I may rebel.
      Its good to share this , Thank you

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      Hi Gillian/Carla,

      I am an “on cue” wine drinker. Every evening at 4pm, just as I am about to prepare dinner I get my cue for a glass of wine, or 2 or sometimes 3!! This invariably leads me to eating unconsciously and over eating. Surprisingly for the last 2 nights I have used the recording when I have had my addictive desire for wine – and so far it has worked. I am hoping that I can use the tools we have been given to address my addictive desire for both food and wine. I am half an hour late for my wine tonight and although the first 15 minutes were a bit tough, it has now disappeared.
      Thanks for sharing.

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      I know it’s possible to be tired, and have wine and still manage not to satisfy addictive desire for food, and I’ve done it myself.

      However, you are barely half-way through the course, so maybe it will be better to get to grips with this approach first of all in circumstances that make it somewhat easier for you.

      It’s all part of the learning process, and you are discovering more about your choices, how to make them, and where it gets tougher to make them. It’s not about moving into a ‘perfect’ state, instantly. I don’t think anybody does that.

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      Hi Gillian , everyone, thanks so much for your replies. I was so incredibly tired yesterday due to lack of sleep and I did give into my addictive desire last night on several occasions but it was a very unusual time for me so I’ve decided not to beat myself up over it.
      It is early days and I need to be kind to myself.
      I guess if I know that wine can cause me to be less conscious I need to face that before I start drinking and think about how it will affect y ability to ‘face’ rather than give into my addictive desire!

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      Yes, being kind to yourself is a big key to all of this.

      And – the webinar from last Sunday is Week 3 – not Week 4 (which will be this Sunday, 28th).

      Hope the kittens are doing better now, and sleeping through the night.

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      Thanks Gillian, Look forward Sundays webinar, it’s managing the cat flap, allowing older cat in and out, keeping kitten in for now and letting stray cat out when he’s got stuck in that has caused do much interrupted sleep but hopefully will get there soon!

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