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      Hi Gillian,

      I am seeing great benefits from working with my panic. After our talk I have been tuning into it almost every time it happens (don’t want to be perfect). As a result I am able to calm myself down for the most part. It feels like a new super power because in the past whenever I felt panic I would additionally panic over the panic and stay in that unending loop until it ended. Now I am able to be curious about it. Yeah! And this all started with the coffee drink experience.

      So interesting, on Sunday I was not able to participate in on the call. It just so happened that on this day I had an opportunity to eat one of those not so perfect foods that for sure in the past I would have felt immensely guilty and always say “What the hell I’ve blown it, now I have to eat all of it because I can never give it to myself ever again”. This time I ate just enough to be satisfied and off I went back into my life.

      I am ever so grateful I have found your course. I am looking forward to grasping more of the information in the months to come, as well as stumbling like a toddler until I can stand.


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      Julie Mann

      That’s amazing Patti. Do you mean you are applying Gillian’s techniques to anxiety and panic attacks? And way to go with the special food and moving on.

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      Well done Patti, this is exactly where I want to be: being able to savour a treat and think of it as a normal occurrence, that does not have to turn into a binge or a total meltdown. Thanks for sharing your success!

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      That sounds like the way to go Patti. It’s such a great feeling, being able to manage the food, instead of the food controlling us!

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      Thank you Louise, Paola, and Julie. Yes Julie as it pertains to food.

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      This is a wonderful post, Patti – thank you. And for clarification, panic is one of the symptoms of deprivation, which arises for some people as a result of their denial of choice.

      That’s what we spoke about on our one-to-one call, and that’s the breakthrough for Patti.

      I hope you have congratulated/appreciated yourself for grasping this, Patti.

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