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      Hi Gillian,

      I just realised that I’m still weighing certain foods, such as calorific ones for my meals. Should I stop doing this? I think it’s from when I macro / calorie counted to lose weight and I’ve just got into the habit of doing it so I can keep an eye on my portion size.
      Thank you

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      I’m not too sure one way or the other with this. It could be that you have very real non-weight (that’s your weight, not the food!) benefits to this, even though it may have started for purely weight loss reasons.

      I suggest you connect with that non-weight motivation to weigh food, assuming it’s there for you. And maybe a bit later on in the course try not weighing these things to see what happens and how you feel about it? I’d leave that until after Week 4.

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      Jennie P

      Hi Grace

      I had to join in the email trail as I stopped myself from weighing my porridge this morning – not easy as my life has been forever checking weights, calories, points etc. Old habits die hard! I’m sure Gillian will agree that we should stop weighing and measuring!

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      Hi Gillian (and Jennie), I think that’s the perfect idea for me personally and where I am at, at the moment. I will give that a try and focus on the non weight benefits.

      I hope this helps you too Jennie…I weigh my porridge every morning too!


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      I still weigh my food but some of the time it’s about getting enough. Other times it’s about not eating too much. But yes I question whether or not I should be weighing food at all.

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