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      Janet K

      Hi Gillian and Everyone
      Is anyone else struggling with not weighing themselves? I know this is not about weight and my main motivation is definitely improving my health and energy levels.
      However, I keep asking myself if I will lose weight or if I need to eat less.
      And part of me also doesn’t want to get on the scales because it’s got me down in the past. Anyone got any advice please?

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      Yes, Janet!
      I can say that, although I do not need to lose weight, and I learned over many years to weight myself very sporadically, but now I am very curious to weigh myself. But I don’t because I want to be free. I work through it the best I can (saying this because for me weight and weighting is a relatively tamed addictive desire, but never domesticated.
      I tell myself: this is my choice, not to weight myself, because the result could be that I fall into old patterns of self-evaluating, perfection, etc, all related to a life-long struggle, which started before 5 years old with my mother’s prohibitions: Do not eat, you are fat, you nedd to be perfect, etc. So, would it be worth it? No! I am happy nw and I chose to not shoot myself in the foot….JUST FOR NOW. But if I do it, I’ll use week 6, about perfectionism, which again, is amazing- I will write on this soon.

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      Janet K

      Thanks for that Corina
      That is very sensible and I think you’re quite right. It’s all part of the perfectionism and crazy slimming club mentality that I’ve had in my head for many years. I feel better in myself when I eat less and that’s what I need to focus on, not a number on the scales. Thank you 😊

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      Janet, you will lose weight.
      I had times in my life when I was soooo miserable (emotionally) and then clinging to food and than emotionally worse. And times when I was so happy, when food was just something to survive, too happy to give food much attention, slim. But life is somewhere in between, and that’s the hardest, at least for me…
      Praying that we all do well.

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      Janet K

      Thanks Corina, that’s so positive xxx

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      Janet, whenever I wanted to weigh myself,I literally sat down and wrote down the non weight benefits I was experiencing – better sleep, more energy, months since I’d had a migraine, enjoying my meals etc etc, or whatever they are for you. I think it helped to do something practical, rather than sitting there trying to resist the scales.
      Hope that helps!

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      Hi Janet x

      I have had and “addiction” to weighing myself (3 or 4 times a day sometimes) for decades. When I started this course back in February I found it very difficult to give up the scales. I was in a cycle of weighing myself and being miserable because of no weight loss, or weighing myself and being miserable because if I had lost weight it was never enough. Also, if I every lost weight that was a good weight loss it would automatically set me up to overeat (almost like well you’ve lost some weight so now you can relax and eat)!

      I started off by really trying to weigh myself a couple of days a week. It wasn’t easy at first but I soon started to feel a little easier about it all. I think universal intervention kicked in and the batteries ran out on my scale, instead of panicking I just thought “what if I don’t replace them, let’s see what happens” That was months ago now and I feel so FREE! I still have some issues with addictive desire but its definitely getting easier, and I truly believe that it is getting easier as I only have that to focus on. I no longer have to deal with all the raging thoughts in my head because of what the scale would have said this particular morning, afternoon or whenever. It is so liberating and has been life changing for me. just say to yourself “lets see what happens if I don’t weigh myself” and really focus on those benefits. Trust this beautiful process, you won’t regret it xxx

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      I’m delighted to say that Corina, Louise and Lesley have absolutely nailed it with their responses to your post!

      Just to add, whenever people say they want to lose weight, what they really want to do is to lose storage fat (adipose tissue). Keep in mind that fat doesn’t weigh very much, so scale weight can mislead. I remember reading one study where a woman lost 1 lb and dropped three dress sizes. What had happened was she gained 8 lbs of lean muscle mass while losing 9 lbs of fat. And, there was no change in exercise during the program; just eating less processed food and more real food.

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      Janet K

      Hello Gillian, Louise, Lesley and Corina
      Thank you so much for your thought out responses. I have not stood on the scales for a month and reading your replies do not intend to any time soon.
      I realise it’s an addictive desire and will treat it as such : “I’m totally free to weigh myself but choose not to now, but I’m free to do it at another time if I choose to”
      I can’t believe I didn’t see this before!!!
      So thanks to you all, you’re all so supportive and totally understanding. It’s a lovely safe space to be able to be honest 🥰🥰🥰

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      These discussions are so validating and inspiring, thank you.

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