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      Ciara Z

      Hi all!
      I’m wondering what are your reasons for wanting to eat less? And not related to weight (that part is so hard not to comment on isn’t it!).
      Mine are: less bloating, nausea after binges, feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, tired, headaches, IBS, depression, pains in my knees, feeling out of control of something that I want to do, I don’t want to feel angry with myself anymore for overeating. I also want to be a good example for my young daughter. I don’t know if eating less will cure all of the above, but I definitely think it would help to improve some of the symptoms.

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      I completely relate to your reasons.
      My weight isn’t even too high, but I have more belly fat that I feel like is unhealthy.
      I wake up with headaches, don’t sleep well without a sleep aide, and feel slugglish in the morning.
      I need more improved digestion and clear skin!
      I think my way of eating really affects this!

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      Ellen Watts

      Hi Ciara and Liz mine are similar to you both. Digestive problems, IBS lethargy insomnia I want to not be constantly thinking about food and what to eat or not to eat it or how to eat my food.
      My mum has age related macular degeneration and Alzheimer’s which although I know isn’t heredity I know I should try and eat healthily.

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      Hello ! My non weight based motivation is I do not want to be thinking about food all the time, it leaves no space for much else in my head, it wears me down, I am also sick of constantly feeling bloated and uncomfortable & embarrased at the thought of eating again after bingeing … it feels like a horrible secret that I can’t keep secret to my nearest & dearest . I don’t want to feel disgusted with myself any more .

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      I’m pretty much the same, to improve my IBS symptoms, to eliminate my heartburn, to generally be healthier. I really want be at peace with food and not feel out of control with it anymore. I’m planning our wedding at the moment and in one package there is a sweet cart included, my immediate thought was ‘I can’t have one of those because I just won’t stop eating’. I have been to weddings when they have had one and I just find them too tempting and I end up eating loads so I want to be able to feel in control around food.

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