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      I do understand that I have to be patient because I am a new-be to this course, although I have read and reread Gillian’s books(both of them).
      There is one thing that I keep coming back to. I am diagnosed with a Lyme disease and my therapist prescribed a very strict diet regiment to me. I do realize that I become fearful of certain kinds of food, because it is not allowed by the diet and/or because I will feel unwell afterwards. However for a period of time I do quite well on the diet and the I rebel and eat the stuff that it is restricted to me.
      I do know that there is a way around this,but I still can’t find it. Any advise or insight on it would be very appreciated.

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      Hello Ausra, and welcome.

      I suggest you begin with Sections 1.8 and 1.9 in Week 1. Do those exercises first, posting them on the site if you want to, or just making a note for yourself. Then, go through the whole of Week 2.

      You’ll find much of the answer there, and post your questions here if anything isn’t clear.

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      Hallo Gillian,
      as I was going through the webinars and the exercises, I found out that my mane point to focus on is COICES. And I’ve just got the question: in one of your videos ( in the slide)you were explaining ‘ I intend to eat less between meals,and I can only make a choice as I go along’. I get that part. The question is: What will I do with my lunch on the workdays. To explain , for a few years I used to bring my own lunch to work. I have learn to prepare it to be nutritious and quick to eat. But it is still planing to eat in the future and I detect some rigid behaviour there. We do have a canteen at work, but quite often I don’t like the food there and I leaves me very little time to go outside for a walk on my lunch. I get just 30 minutes for my lunch.
      Have you any idea how to turn it around so I can choose as I go along?

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      Good question, Ausra.

      The idea of ‘making choices as you go along’ would apply in circumstances where you want to develop some control of your overeating, and I don’t see from your post what is the overeating you would be doing (or used to do) during your working day.

      Did you go out and buy something a bit rubbish in those 30 minutes for lunch? If so, then even if you bring your nutritious lunch with you, you can still make your choice in the present time about the other (probably much more addictive) items.

      The idea of “Times & Plans” doesn’t mean you never have any clue about what you might eat later on. It’s specifically about your choice around your addictive desire to overeat at the time or occasion or circumstance where you would have overeaten in the past.

      As for ‘rigid behaviour’ it’s fine to have some, especially in the situation you’ve described. The issue with rigidity is if you attempt to take control of your overeating with a universal rigidity (all perfect all of the time) and then tend to fall into an “all-or-none” relationship with food, as I address in Week 6 on Relapse.

      Let me know if I’ve not answered or understood your question.

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      Dear Gillian,
      from your answer I understand that it is ok to make plans what to eat for the next meal or even the whole day is . What I am actually struggling with is the lack of variety in my meals. I have a tendency to stick with what I know ,quite strictly I would say. And then I stay with it for week or even longer. It comes from mistrusting myself and fear that I can start to binge if I allow myself to misstep. Spontaneously eat something would be for me a big no no.. because I’m afraid to keep eating and it will become grazing or binge.
      I guess it’s all-or-nothing mindset. And I am a perfectionist. How can I address this issue?
      By the way I am also noticing that there is a possibility to apply some suitable nutritional ideas to my eating but it has to come from my choice and not from the restriction. But every time I feel muscle or joints ache my thoughts go back to the restriction part,like: Told ya, you shouldn't eat that, now you're sick ,again
      And please let me know if I’m asking too many questions, but I’m struggling and don’t know to whom I should address the.

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      Hello Ausra

      I did direct you to Week 2 and you’ve done well to cover those webinars and begin to get your head around the issue of choice. However, there’s considerably more to all of this material, and you are asking questions that are answered in other parts of the course.

      Please keep in mind that I don’t know you. I still don’t know for example what you would have had for lunch if you hadn’t prepared it ahead of time. No, I don’t recommend that you plan what you’re going to eat for the whole day. Yes, I agree with you that you have an all-or-none mindset.

      I appreciate your impatience, but you did join this site very recently, while others have been going through the material with me for at least five weeks. There are so many details and nuances to cover, which is why I do the webinars and videos, and not just a forum. Plus, the course develops as we go along, so that I build on concepts introduced briefly at first, and in a more complete way later on.

      I do hope this helps! I suggest you take a look at all of the material first. Some of it might not seem relevant at first but later I’ll pull it all together to make more sense and to make it doable.

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      It totally does. I have always had tendency to jump way ahead. I understand now, I just have to be patient with the course and myself. I`ll just take one fear at the time and remind myself that I have the whole year or the rest of my life to learn. Thank you Gillian for your kind reminder.
      I have one more question about the forum. How long will it be open? Is it just for this course,or it stays open?
      Thank you and till tomorrow, I`ll get to see life on webinar.

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      Ausra, to explain a little bit more, the answer to your question about how to address being a perfectionist is in Week 6 – BUT it assumes you’re already very familiar with Weeks 1 to 5.

      And yes, the forum stays open. All the material stays here. There will be Q&A webinars. And I will begin the main series again in May.

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      Hi Ausra
      I feel like i have a similar issue. I have pre diabetes and high blood pressure and I am very interested in it not becoming full blown diabetic. I decided to try to reverse these issues through a pretty strict protocol as well. While its true that its going well and my numbers have come down, i have a big fear that the rigidity of the protocol (pretty much Keto and intermittent fasting), will throw me into compliance mode. And of course the flip side of that is binging. I have been dealing with it by reminding myself that i do have a choice to eat whatever i want and that the reason i am doing this is my blood sugar and pressure numbers. I can choose to eat anything and accept that it affects my liver and sugar etc.
      I do feel much better, my allergies are gone and the numbers have gone down. That feels important.

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