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      I have been thinking on Gillian’s advice re changing my focus and make eating to improve my health more important than for weight loss. This seems eminently sensible and the rational for doing so is definitely sound. The question is how wedded am I to manage eating to manage my weight. To try to answer this I took a scenario Gillian used in her book and flipped it. I imagined that I had a fairy godmother that could change my reality so that I could eat whatever I liked WITHOUT ever gaining an ounce. In this scenario would I be motivated to eat for my health?

      My initial reaction is NO. I would eat anything and everything I could get hold of. But would I change after the novelty wore off? Would I notice the negative impacts of eating poor quality food more with the concerns about weight removed. I am not sure. My husband, a naturally thin person, who has to work really hard not to lose weight, he is 5’ 10” and is lucky if he weighs 9.5st. ( I know he makes me sick too.), he loves sweet things and regularly eats far more sugar than I do…. but he does limit his intake of sugar because of concerns about his health. However, he doesn’t have addictive behaviour like I do and suffers from a condition that is completely alien to me, when eating sugar he gets to the point when he has had enough! One thing is for certain though is that I am motivated to eat healthier foods eg, avoiding sugar because of the negative impact on my weight. So should I see this as a gift rather than a curse and stop sulking that I don’t have my husband’s metabolism?

      If I take this one step further, what if my fairy godmother also ensured that no matter what I ate I would not suffer any negative consequences to my weight or my health. I could eat whatever I wanted with complete impunity, would I live on cake? Or would I eat a more balanced diet because nothing was forbidden or bad for me. With this option, surprisingly I am more confident that I would eat a more balanced diet as I would be truly free to eat what I wanted to. It’s a bit like going shopping when I have no money, I see loads of things that I simple must have. But when I have got lots of money I don’t see anything I want.

      I would be interested in knowing which fairy godmother others would choose. 😁

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      If there was a fairy godmother who could allow you to eat what you want, without gaining weight – it could be a curse.
      Maybe you would have no indication of anything untoward until you had for example cancer or alzheimers. A reversible visible indication that you are eating badly (e.g. weight) could be better than an invisible non-reversible one (cancer or alzheimers). Just a thought!

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      That’s interesting. If i could eat whatever I wanted and not gain a pound, would I be motivated to eat for my health?..nope. If I could eat whatever I want and not gain a pound or have negative health consequences, I would not live off of cake forever. Weight is not a motivator for changed in this scenario. The difference is small, but when reading your post (twice), I clearly said no to eating cake forever, but with weight I’d continue eating it. Thanks for sharing this!
      I need to find a way to put health in the forefront of my mind to really drive it home.

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      Throwing in my perspective here: As a teenager I was that person who could eat whatever I wanted and not gain a pound. As I became more aware of healthy foods/non-healthy foods I did start choosing what at the time was thought to be healthy foods. It was a simple non-charged choice just like I started choosing cruelty free makeup, brands of shampoo that were deemed best for my hair etc etc. There was nothing different or charged about the decision – given what I believed to be a totally free choice around the matter I chose to eat for health.

      I think the decision not to choose for health, even if we didn’t gain a pound could be a rebellion for all those years that we felt like we had to do something about our weight, so we are still pushing back? The whole subject seems so highly charged now, like we are clinging on to our food no matter what. I say that from my perspective.

      One other way of thinking about it: If we don’t have to go to work, do we bother washing our hair or being clean? I think most of us do. We choose to wash and be clean because its good for us and we like it. I really think it is that simple.

      And sadly, I was put on a diet even when I didn’t need to lose weight by an athletic coach and, in the process, totally lost my ability to eat what I wanted and not gain weight or have such a simple outlook on food.

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