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      Karen W

      Years ago I had to start looking after my Mum who was poorly. She wanted me to go to 6 different shops every week to buy certain foods and I felt annoyed and taken for granted. At this point in time I was having counselling and I had a eureka moment when I realised that my Mum wasn’t making me shop all over town, it was the choice I had made. I could have said no but I actually didn’t want to. Yes it was time consuming but I wanted to do everything I could to make her happy. I realised how amazing a change of mindset can do. After watching the video 2.5 I can see that it’s the same principle and I’ve made myself feel forced into not eating certain foods when in reality it has been my choice.

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      What a fantastic post, Karen. Thank you.

      A great insight for you, and I’m sure valuable for others who are willing to consider.

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      Sheelagh M

      Thanks Karen thats a great analogy to demonstrate choice!

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      Sophia G.

      I love this. Thank U.

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      Judith K

      Thanks,Karen. Really helps me clarify my choices around foods by looking at your non-food choice/mind set change with your mom’s shopping.

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      Shems M

      So interesting to see the same idea at work in a different part of life. Thanks for sharing Karen.

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