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      Hello Gillian and everyone!!

      I want to ask a question: If I decide to satisfy my addictive desire including the outcomes but in the middle of the binge I decide to work through it and stop (much more difficult in my opinion at least for me) and not let thoughts like this stay in my mind: “as I have eating por example 3 donuts I continue eating more food until I am really full and uncomfortable”. In my case, my addictive desire doesn´t desappear by eating a few amount of sugary and fatty food (if I choose to eat). I´d better eat 3 donuts rather than 6 for example. Or 6 rather than 12…If I get to stop at ANY point I would get very, very proud of me.

      Would it be a great success to decide to work through it in the middle? For me, it is a great effort and maybe not the first addictive desire to work through because in my case once I have given into it, the insensity grows and it is much more difficult to apply the techniques…

      I don´t know if I have explained in a way you can understand. English is not my home language.
      I would like to know your opinion or anyone else´s opinion or experience about this.

      I am VERY, VERY excited with this course and I do think It can be “the missing piece” in my personal binge history puzzle after having followed medical, psichologycal and nutricional advice for years.

      CONGRATULATIONS for your course and thank you very much for all.

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      Dear Marta, english is not my mother tongue as well, but I will try my best.
      Stopping to eat after some amount of sugary food, ie after starting to eat chocolate is something , i tried to do. And it is possible, but for me, the desire is extraordninary strong. If I start eating chocolate or cake i must be very conscious of my aim to stop after one piece and to work through my desire. The desire is always there to get more, I think sugar make this feelings of wanting more. But sometimes, unconsiously I eat a second piece and suddenly I notice, that again i am eating. Now I know that I will always have this desire after starting to eat sugary food and I expect it to be there.
      Sometimes I work thorugh my desire before starting to eat that kind of food, sometimes I stop after a small amount and work through my desire, and sometimes, I eat unconsciuosly and after a while i notice, what i am doing.and sometimes I decide to eat the whole bar of chocolate with the outcomes of having physical problems like heartburn the next night.
      I think to eat a smaller amount of food than before is a good thing to do.
      I hope I could explain in a way you could understand.
      greetings gunici

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      Jenny Rocke

      Stopping in the middle of a binge is something I find very difficult, if not impossible, to do. Sugary food is so tempting to me, that once I start eating it I will usually continue to eat until I hit the aversive state that Gillian talked about in this week’s webinar.
      For me, it is much more effective to choose not to start eating the sugary food in the first place.

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      I agree with all of this, and what you’ve said in your initial post Marta, as you posed the question. Yes, possible and worthwhile to stop in the middle of a binge and yes, difficult to do but possible.

      And yes, Jenny, much better to not start in the first place.

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      Thank you all very much.

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      Erin H

      I have had recent success at stopping my overeating before it turns into what I would consider a complete binge – for me, that’s been incredibly encouraging and honestly quite life changing! If I eat a little too much of something sugary instead of to the point of pain it feels like I’m making great progress and gives me hope that things will continue to get better if I keep practicing and working with the tools (for example, three package “servings” of a dessert item rather than six, followed by something else, until aversion kicks in).

      Things that have been helpful for me when I’ve already started eating addictive foods:
      -Keep repeating to myself that I have a choice, I can eat as much of this food as I want to, whenever I want to, and that by choosing to keep eating I will feel sick and lethargic, feel terrible emotionally, and have bad heartburn the next day. (I really try to connect with the outcome and remember how it felt last time rather than just saying it.)
      -Even though I’ve already started I try to use Gillian’s steps to work through desire to help me stop. I pause and take deep breaths and feel what I’m feeling in my body. You could even use the MP3 mid-binge!
      -I have used the healthy substitution method to slow down and stop as well. Eating something that is nutritious but tasty (for me that’s cottage cheese with fruit, nuts or granola) feels like I’m being nicer to my body so I think it kind of helps stop the snowball effect that binges have.

      If we are going to do this whole thing imperfectly then I think I need to be able to eat sugar without it being a binge. I wonder if using a Plan to eat a donut (or two) would be a good way to work through the desire without it being a binge? Maybe Gillian can shed some light on that.

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      Yes, Erin, Gillian will shed some light on that – in Week 6.

      In a way, everything has been leading up to this as it’s essential for the long term to be able to be flexible and maybe make mistakes – without (of course) making so many mistakes that you’re not really eating any less at all.

      It may seem impractical, but the alternative is absolute rigidity, and not what most people want to live with.

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