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      Renée L

      Hello everyone,

      This interview is definitely worth a listen.

      I hope everyone is doing well!


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      Really good, Renee, and I wonder if you thought of me at all while you were listening 🙂

      I think I might add this link to the “Reads and Views” page.

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      Cyndi B.

      Thank you, Renee- really good… and hope you’re doing well too!

      And I indeed thought of you, Gillian, when listening; I wondered what your thoughts would be on a couple of the points. I thought you would generally agree, but would be interested in your comments as relating directly to this course work.
      I found Dr. Lembke’s point about the body’s homeostasis reaction to dopamine (interjecting negative to balance the positive), so interesting. I’ve read some of Marc Lewis’ book, but don’t recall that position.
      I live in an urban, kinda touristy area (lots of shops and restaurants), and walk nearly everywhere I go. Especially the past couple of weeks- when paying attention to my food desires, I’ve landed at awareness that the trigger of desire is not personal (I’m not broken), it’s simply my environment and the times that I live. “Let the desire be” and “just allow it” have been key contemplations for me recently… and the longevity of this over-eating work is more so apparent. But four months in, and I’m ever so thankful for and benefitting from the course!
      Gillian, I think that the Week 5.2 Mindset video especially relates to the interview Renee linked to above. You share a study about positive feelings and eating chocolate.. and how the positive is only there while one is actually consuming the chocolate, it does not linger. That info. feels so personally true.. and if I replace the word chocolate with alcohol, it’s nearly the same and as true in my experience. I’m not saying I’ll never consume those things.. but there is a shift in my understanding of the attraction and expectation of the experience.

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      Renée L


      I definitely thought of you while I listened to this!

      And thanks for your kind words, Cyndi. I was also blown away and inspired by much of the interview, especially the teeter-totter analogy.

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      That’s a great interview Renee, thank you for sharing it.

      I particularly liked the bit at the end where Dr Lembke talks about ‘telling the truth’. I can relate to that when I am thinking of all the outcomes of eating addictive food, including the downsides of that, which food manufacturers would rather we overlooked.

      I also came across this article about her book:


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