1. MOTIVATION: WHAT’S AT STAKE – live webinar on May 26th, replay from 27th
Discover the most effective and empowering way to motivate yourself.
How to avoid the most common mistake that leads people to fail in the long term.
Develop a stronger sense of worth and confidence – within your relationship to food, rather than having this dependent on your size.

2. CHOICE: FROM SLAVERY TO MASTERY – live webinar on June 2nd, replay from 3rd
Identify your own sense of choice, and the impact it has on your relationship with food.
Create a strong sense of choice, so you can feel good about eating less.
Implement the two key factors that will make a feeling of free choice real to you.
Eliminate obsession with food, and feeling deprived and overwhelmed by cravings.

3. DESIRE: WANTING MORE THAN YOU NEED – live webinar on June 9th, replay from 10th
Your genuine need for food – and your desire for more.
Why your excess appetite occurs, when it’s likely to occur, and the forms it takes.
How to heal your addictive desire to overeat, so it can begin to fade away.
Working with your survival drive instead of against it.

4. IN CHARGE – live webinar on June 16th, replay from 17th
Setting your own limits to your meals and snacks, and keeping to those limits.
Starting to pull the Three Themes together.
The way your brain reacts to food; what can be changed, and how to do that.

The neural pathways that all addictions, including food, have in common.

5. MINDSET – live webinar on June 23rd, replay from 24th
Become aware of addictive thinking, and how it holds you back from making progress.
Understand comfort eating; how to go through tough times without overeating.
Identify and let go of your habitual ways of thinking that support the overeating.
Creating breakthroughs from your own experience.

6. RELAPSE – live webinar on June 30th, replay from 31st
How to let go of perfectionism as the way you control your overeating.
Why ‘eating when hungry, stopping when full’ isn’t reliable and what to do instead.
What to expect in the longer term.

LIVE, FOLLOW-UP WEBINARS starting on July 7th – replays always available the following day.